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From Ukraine to Norway to learn about bioenergy!

December 2023 The EFIF Foundation arranged a study trip for a delegation from Ukraine on the use of bioenergy in practice. The purpose of the trip was knowledge transfer about bioenergy, energy policy, energy markets and bioenergy clusters.

Ukraine faces challenges related to an aging and centralized energy system, with a high dependence on fossil fuels. Moreover, the infrastructure for electricity is vulnerable to military attack. Although district heating and waterborne heating systems are relatively well developed in Ukraine, major upgrades are needed. Studies show that as much as 75% of Ukraine's renewable energy potential can come from bioenergy. Ukrainians are looking to other countries for inspiration on local, renewable energy options to strengthen their energy security.

The bioenergy region Hadeland (Bioreg) has worked to promote bioenergy in our region, and the Ukrainians can benefit greatly from Bioreg's work when they plan to build their own bioenergy regions and five energy centers with Energigården in Norway as a model.

The study trip ensured a great exchange of knowledge through visits to local energy producers and suppliers, meetings with representatives in the Storting, meetings with local politicians and working meetings with, among others, Yara.

EFIF is continuing to work together with the delegation on the development of bioenergy regions and local energy farms in Ukraine.


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