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  The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) seeks to organize financing for 10 or 20 bio-energy projects in Ukraine in coming four years, EBRD Associate Director for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change in Ukraine, Poland and Caucasus Sergiy Maslichenko has told Interfax-Ukraine.
  “We are taking part in financing of projects on construction of wind farms and solar power plants. These projects will be financed in the future. Now we want to focus more on bio-energy projects – biogas, bio-mass, production of next generation bio-ethanol [from waste]. We seek to finance 10 or 20 these projects in coming three or four years,” he said.
Maslichenko recalled that studies show that a potential of bio-energy in Ukraine (husk, straw and other agricultural waste) equals to 30 million tonnes of oil equivalent.
  Earlier the EBRD organized financing for eight projects in this sphere in Ukraine. Now the bank is mulling three or four more projects.
  “At the same time, practice shows that market participants do not have enough knowledge and competence in this area. We intend to prepare a special program by the end of the year. It will provide, among other things, experts and technical assistance. Possibly, a SEO-club for bioenergy will be organized,” the associate director of the EBRD said.
As reported, in December the EBRD decided to provide a loan of EUR 25 million to the agricultural holding Myronivsky Hliboproduct for the construction of a 10 MW biogas plant in Vinnytsia region.

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