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Energy poplar has a promising future in the renewable energy sector in Ukraine

A 45 hectares plantationin the village Markushi in Zhytomyr region has been establihed by the company "Bioproject".The species belong to the poplar family, and has high land use –and energy efficiency. Due to the relatively rapid growth and thus production of biomass, energy poplar is increasingly used as a regenerative energy source for biofuel production. Its wood is pretty lightweight, widely used in technical goals. Four cubic meters of wood replace 1000 Nm3 of gas. This biofuel is almost four times cheaper than diesel per kWh.

Poplar absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide, therefore harmful emissions, compared with natural gas, will be reduced by 90%.. The energy poplar can be harvested every 3 year. In 2019 itsis expected to produce 45 tons of wood per hectare.

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