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Seminar in Borshchiv 03-04 August 2018

The Board of the Housing and Communal Services and Energy Conservation Agency of the Ternopil Regional State Administration visit The Norwegian Bio-Energy Farm project in Borshchiv.

As reported by the head of the Ukrainian State Agency for Energy Savings and Energy Efficiency, Mr. Savchenko (Facebook Page).

Participants of the meeting in Borshchov visited the Bioenergy Research Center within the framework of the external management board for housing and communal services and energy conservation. Mykhailo Humentyk, director of the Scientific and Technical Center "Bioenergy", introduced the participants to the technology of growing and harvesting biomass of high-energy crops such as Miscanthus and Pavlovnia, which are used for biofuel production.

For over 20 years Europe has been developing bioenergy. Particularly interesting direction of this sphere is related to the production of solid fuels due to the cultivation of high-yielding plants, which allows obtaining a significant amount of biomass of the required quality, said Mykhailo Humentyk.

Giant Miskanthus is a fast-growing, multi-year energy culture that is most adapted to cultivate in the European climate zone. The plant is least costly for cultivation, unpretentious, and also enriches impoverished soils. It is grown and processed for sale in the form of pellets and briquettes in many European countries: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden. The EU has a special investment program for farmers that grow this culture.

Pavlovnia ("Adam's tree") - which is a garden-park culture, has been used for greening cities. In just 7 years the tree grows to the same hight as an oak would in about 47 years. Pavlovnia wood is very valuable, it is light (lighter than pine) and is widely used for manufacturing boats, surfboards, musical instruments, as well as bioenergy.

The participants were also informed of the Norwegian experience of biomass management and processing for the production of fuel wood chips.

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