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1 million NOK in support to the Energy Farm Norway

The Board of Eckbos Legat has decided to support the Energy Farm Norway with NOK. 1.000.000.

The funds will be devoted to the development of the Energy Farm's practical teaching and training facilities, as well as the development of new information and demonstration materials. In order to expand the Energy Farm Norway's offer as a tour center, we will renovate the old wooden barn and expand our outdoor activities in the yard, on the fields and in the woods.

Through this development we want to increase the center's capacity, thus making it an even better tool for the general public, education and research.

Through the project we expect to add 3 new training arenas that together offer a varied and exciting offer:

  1. «The global greenhouse». A greenhouse in the barn that expands over 3 floors.

  2. Exercise and teaching rooms in the barn's 1st and 3rd floor.

  3. A new "nature-, energy- and climate- path" for outdoor exercises and training in the forest and farmland.

A big thank you to Eckbos Legat for the trust and support!

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