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Courses and collaboration with Borshchiv Agro-technical College

During the period from November to December 2017, project consultants are preparing training materials for students of the Agrotechnical College on the issues of cultivation and processing of raw materials for the production of biofuels. Teachning materials are being compiled. Publishing of materials is planned for this coming spring. They will also be published in the form of a brochure.

Project consultants Stepovy Oleksandr and Vasyl Paskarik tok part in traing course at the National Technical University "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute" for Energy Saving and Energy Management with the aim of improving their program qualification as "Energy Auditors". During the training, the consultants studied and received a certificate in the following disciplines:

  • Energy saving in power supply systems

  • Ukraine's Energy Efficiency Policy

  • Construction of energy management system in an enterprise in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001: 2011

  • Renewable energy sources and energy saving in buildings

  • Use of thermal imaging equipment in energy audit.

Based on this experience, the project consultants will prepare materials and presentations for the students of Borshchiv Agro-technical College and proposed to the leadership of Borshchiv City Council to conduct energy audits for the public sphere of the city.

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