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Progress report from Bohdan Radejko

Progress report from Bohdan Radejko regarding the last weeks progress

The EFU team is mastering the production and storage of wood chips. Agreement with the local sawmill in Oseryane to purchase dried edge cutting from oak and hornbeam wood.

There are several similar sawmills in the near vicinity where EFU can make similar agreements. We will also get waste wood logs from local forestry in much larger quantities, but this kind of wood waste is more expensive.

Kamyanetsk-Podilskyi biomass heating station (6 MW heat capacity)

During our visit on May 3rd, EFU received the following information that the heating station that is producing heat the whole year purchases wood chips by weight. By our calculations, the Centre will be able to deliver ready dry wood chips at a cost of 50% of the heating station’s purchase price using the wood waste from sawmills, and at 75% of the heating station’s purchase price if we use wood waste logs as raw material. In order to reduce cost and bring raw materials and deliver finished wood chips more efficiently we will need to invest in a versatile transporter with a capacity to carry up to 30 m3 wood chips.

Delivery agreements like this are an significant step towards becoming economically independent and showcasing the potential of green growth.

The EFU team is doing some research on bio boilers (German Heizomat and/or Lithaunian Kalvis) before establishing heating points in Borschchiv city. One of the EFU team, Anatoliy Kuzomko, went on a study tour to Germany to the Heizomat factory. He was very impressed with the quality and automation of the boilers. He also learned that the new Heizomats are now able to run on straw pellets as well as wood biomass. There is a new system for controlling the temperature of the combustion in accordance with the requirements of the biomass fuel. Kalvis established an operation in Ukraine (Kovel) in 2006. They deliver boilers with EU environmental certificates and produce their own cyclone dust cleaners to clean solid matter from the combustion in densely populated areas.

Their system is reasonably automated with all EU required security features and heating systems are delivered with full technical specification requirement to each site as well as all required Ukrainian certificates for operation.

Project duration from start to finish is usually 3 months. Under skilled supervision, Kalvis boilers have been in use without much problems for 8 years.

Web site:

A temporary web site is almost up and ready while our IT specialist is building a similar site to EFIF’s. Mykhailo has also set up a Ukrainian language site for EFU on Facebook.

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