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Green Energy Workshop in Oslo

EFIF arranged a workshop in Oslo, 22nd of October;

How to move forward with green energy innovation worldwide based on Norwegian partnership and funding programs? -Energy Farm centers as a tool to provide renewable energy from local resources to rural communities and business development globally.

The two hour workshop was hosted at Innovation Norway HQ in Oslo, and chaired by Dr. R K Pachauri, chairman of the EFIF Board.


The participants at the workshop included representatives from Norwegian authorities, the research society, funding agencies and EFIF. There was broad understanding and strong belief that EFIF and the Energy Farm Centers could be a contributor to rural areas need for off–grid and mini-grid energy solutions, with focus on the hybrid, bio - and solar energy, for heating, cooling, electricity and also transport energy.

The forces behind EFIF believe there can be established economically viable projects and centers in countries where there is both need for better access to energy, and knowledge on how to utilize the potential of local renewable resources.


EFIF believes these centres can have high relevance and potential impact for the energy policies of these countries since the authorities and the market developers will not be able to meet the energy demand from unconnected villages without decentralized renewable energy solutions.

In December 2015, EFIF will deliver business plan for EFIF and two feasibility studies to Norad. The feasibility studies are written by TERI, with geographical scope Myanmar and India. The reports will create the fundament for further work and the application for new energy farm centers. This application will be delivered subsequently after handing in the report to Norad.

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