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First part of Energy Farm Ukraine opened

The first part of The Energy Farm centre in Ukraine opened with meeting rooms and offices on December 7th 2015, all heated by the new wood chips heat plant.

The work establishing an Energy Farm center in Ukraine started 1st of July 2015 after having received the grant letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June.

The grant covers three years of investment and management. The primary focus during these first months has been on finishing the centers buildings.

Secondly some more arable land next to centre has been secured and the preparation for growing energy crops such as miscanthus has begun. Wooded areas around the centre have been cleared and the wood is being used for heating of the centre.


The EFIF administration and the EFU team had working meetings in Borshchiv 5.-8. December and presented the center plans for local and regional authorities and stakeholders. Training and capacity building will start spring 2016.

The EFU administration will make long-term agreements on fast delivery of biomass from public and private producers in order to gaining capacity to deliver bioenergy for a number of municipal heat exchanges in Borshchiv city.


The bio boiler installed at the Energy Farm center has 80 kW capacity and is an Ukrainian product. It has just received European innovation award for the burning technique and more than satisfies EU emission requirements in densely populated areas. The boiler can utilize different kind of biomass, with water content up to 50%.

On December 7th the first part of the centre with meeting rooms and offices were opened, all heated by the new wood chips heat plant.

The project tour was concluded with meetings at the Norwegian embassy in Kiev and the Ukrainian Bioenergy Association.

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